ITmatter is a custom
software development company

The beginning of everything is always an idea.

Our qualified team is able to help to create the idea of ​​a fully working system, ranging from matching the right tools to it, using the latest technologies and solutions to ensure reliability on a technical side and during business management, including the business continuity.

About us

Four main attributes describing our company





Each new day is an opportunity for us to enrich our know-how, creating the best solutions and improvement. In this way we maximize ours effectiveness so as to be able to meet the most demanding needs at any time customers. Client’s satisfaction is the driving force of IT Matter.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of experienced programmers, architects, testers and analysts. Such a wide range of professionals allows a comprehensive response your problems, minimize the risk of new ones and keep your processes impeccable condition.

How we can help you to grow

Designing new solutions and creating applications

Are you striving to achieve a competitive advantage in your industry?
You see shortcomings in the functioning of your company?
Looking from a specific perspective of your business, we will analyze the technologies used, software, applications, examine process gaps and assess the degree of company automation. We will isolate elements that require changes and propose solutions repair.

System maintenance and management

Each system requires an appropriate and individual approach. The experience of our employees allows the use of an optimal model to achieve the highest level of results. Our customers receive a separately tailored maintenance model.

Technologies we use


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